Rainbow 3 - White.jpgRainbow 3 - Black.jpgPoppies & Cornflowers.jpgAutumn leaves 2.jpgBeach View 17.jpgBeach View 30.jpgBeach View 33.jpgBluebells & Hedgerow.jpgGaillardia 3.jpgTulips & Blossom 2.jpgTulips & Bluebells.jpgTulips 7.jpg


These are one-off original pieces created from both my Beach and Plant abstract images.  Each piece is unique.  The printed image is mounted to 5mm thick board and cut into slices.  The slices are then mounted on to the backboard with a 5mm gap between each piece.  This presentation focusses the viewer on the colour and the detail within the image in a totally different way to the ‘complete’ images.

The finished pieces are framed at either 700mm x 300mm or 1000mm x 500mm on either black or white mountboard and in matching deep rebate frames.  The first image in the gallery is shown on both black and white for comparison purposes only, each image is only used once.  The difference is quite marked; the black finish giving the image a more saturated feel and the white giving a more peaceful feel.

Some of these pieces are already complete and are therefore only available at the size and in the presentation already determined; contact me for details.  Many other images await construction, contact me for samples.