About me

I am quite a latecomer to the joys of visual art.  Strangely, I have never really considered myself to be a ‘visual’ person.  If I close my eyes I see nothing, no matter how hard I try to imagine a scene.  I rarely dream, and when I do the memory doesn’t last.  I can rarely describe a scene or a place I have visited.  I struggle to describe how to get from A to B, even when I know the route well.  I can’t even describe, or visually recall, the faces of those I know best.  So for me, visual memories fade quickly.  Emotional memories however, now that’s a different story.

I can always remember and describe exactly how it felt to be somewhere.  The tranquillity and serenity of an Atlantic beach.  The mysterious edginess of a mist laden wood at dawn.  The magical lightening of spirit that rises with the sun.

There is such exquisite peace to be found sitting alone at the top of a hill or on one of the Peak District’s famous edges watching the day arrive gently, slowly transforming the landscape with constant but oh so subtle changes in light and shade as the early mists dance around the emerging sunlight.  Every day it is different.  Every time as special and as magical.

I have always enjoyed being out of doors.  Out in the countryside, in a field or up a mountain, on a beach, by a lake or alongside a trembling river.  This is where I find my peace.  My antidote to the stressful, hectic rush of modern day life that drains the soul and deadens the senses.

It is this feeling, and the memory, of peace and tranquillity that I strive to recreate in my images, and through this to share with the viewer some of the sense of peace and serenity that I felt at the time.

My images represent the world through my eyes.  A very personal view.  Through my images I am transported back to the time and place.  I can vividly recall the instant I clicked the shutter and froze the moment for each and every one of my images.  I remember what it was like to be there, I remember the serenity and the amazement at the beauty that nature had provided.

It is this sense of place, this stimulation of the emotional memory that I strive to evoke.  Whether it is a memory of a favourite beach or the stimulation provided by the colours of your favourite plant or flower, they are all here.

In addition there are some of my traditional photographs, from landscapes to African wildlife.  What they all have in common is the connection to memories and emotions, a moment in time that will never be forgotten.